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Re: Request for virtual package ircd

Brian May writes:

>>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Poole <mdpoole@troilus.org> writes:
>     Michael> Why do you think these servers conflict with each other?
> ... because, generally speaking, the servers will be automatically
> installed at installation, and if the port is in use, then
> installation may fail. Also, the server to grab the port first on
> reboot is largely undefined.

Arguably, starting an IRC server with no user input is a bad idea.
For better or worse, IRC servers need a lot of site-local
configuration.  Otherwise they cannot connect to other servers, the
administrator cannot perform oper commands, and so forth.

Separately, if port conflicts are worthy of Conflicts:, why do web
servers not in general conflict with each other?  You can install
apache, aolserver, boa, caudium, and probably others on the same
machine.  On the DNS side, you can install bind, maradns and nsd on
the same machine.

Given how easy it is to make two IRC, HTTP or DNS servers work sanely
side by side, Conflicts between them seem likely to cause more trouble
than they save.

Michael Poole

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