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Re: {SPAM} Re: "Arch: all" package FTBFS due to test needing network access - RC?

Seg, 2006-10-30 às 14:43 -0800, Thomas Bushnell BSG escreveu:
> On Mon, 2006-10-30 at 12:53 -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > Keeping such tests in package builds is fine, but they should either be
> > disabled by default (enabled with an environment variable, say), or they
> > should be informational only.
> It seems to me that it should also be fine if the test runs when network
> access is available (and the package build fails if the test fails for a
> reason which is not just "network not working"), but that if the network
> is not working, package build just continues.

It is supposed that such tests "skip" in these situations... It's the
same for tests that depends on special things like pod coverage or test
coverage. Usually, when the requirements for test are not present the
test is skipped.

I think it's a forward'able bug if a test fail because of a missing
requirement that doesn't mean the code is wrong.


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