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safe halt/reboot/shutdown

Hi all,

I am sure you've all once typed 'halt<enter>' only to notice that
you were in an active SSH session and the machine on the other side
of $BIG_DISTANCE obediently followed your request. I've done it way
too much, so I ended up hacking up


This script, along with symlinks from halt and reboot, lives in
/usr/local/sbin on all my systems -- and thus I would like to see it
in Debian proper. However, I feel that it's too small for a separate
package, and I am not sure sysv-utils is the appropriate place, even
if debconf would ask the user whether s/he wanted that safety net.

We have debianutils, moreutils, coreutils, etc. Is there a package
for random small admin utils? Any suggestions on how I might manage
to include that shell script with etch still, and in a sensible way?

Lars suggested openssh-server, which would make sense, but I doubt
it would happen.


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