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Re: xv and xorg


Adam D. Barratt wrote:

> Jiri Klouda wrote, Thursday, October 05, 2006 6:57 AM
> [...]
> > I just wanted to ask when xv is going to be updated or what is
> > holding it up or if someone has some suggestion how I could
> > upgrade and still get it working (some experimental xv package?)
> > or do I need to compile from sources?
> xv was removed from Debian over five years ago due to licensing issues, so
> I'm afraid you're likely to have to rebuild it yourself against xorg in
> order to make it work.

True, but rebuilding it for xorg is not too much of a problem. IIRC, I
only had to lower one versioned dependency. Feel free to contact me for
further instructions, I just saw that I still have the build environment


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