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seahorse (gnome, gpg) encryption error

Been having problems with Seahorse and encryption from gnome. (Nautilus,
Gedit, Evolution)

When I try to sign, I get the error "Couldn't Load Keys"

When I try to Encrypt, it loads the keys for selection and then exists
when I try to encrypt without and error. 

It was working before I upgraded from sarge to testing, Is anyone else
facing this same problem? I created a new user to test out any config
issues, but the very same problem persists.

In Evolution I get the message : "Broken Pipe, you might need to select
different options", when I try to send mail, but it verifies signed

Logs reveal this:

kernel: seahorse-tool[6411] general protection rip:2b8efb68db3a
rsp:7fffaec24200 error:0

If this is indeed a bug, someone should be seeing something similar.

Closest  is this, but filed against vesion seahorse 0.90.2 (unsure)

(I should mention that I can use gpg  from the command line without

Running on testing, AMD64, Kernel 2.6.17-2
Seahorse : 0.9.5-2

any ideas?

with best regards,
Erle Pereira, Systems Consultant
web: http://www.erlepereira.com

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