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Re: Reasons for keeping Coin3D (libcoin20) at version 1.0.4?

Quoting Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org>:

Gunnar Wolf dijo [Thu, Oct 05, 2006 at 03:29:30PM -0500]:


Sorry... Please ignore this mail.

I felt I researched thoroughly on coin's status, didn't it? Well, yes,
but I didn't pay attention that there are two different source
packages: coin (providing Coin3D 1.0 series) and coin2 (providing
2.4.5, the newest upstream release).

Correct. To answer your previous questions: I am still actively maintaining both the coin 1.x and coin 2.x series. I do welcome help with these packages (indeed, any of my packages), whether it be co-maintainer or a new maintainer. And the reason for keeping coin 1.x around is (from memory): it is more strictly adhering to SGI's reference implementation of Inventor, and there is a license difference (coin 1 is LGPL, coin 2 is GPL).

Bad Gunnar. Bad Gunnar.

/me hides.

No need to castigate yourself. I don't mind being asked such questions, especially when they have easy answers ;-)

I hope that coin2 satisfies your needs.


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