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Re: Non-free IETF RFC/I-Ds in source packages

Simon Josefsson <jas@extundo.com> writes:

> Bug #390664 inspired me to look in source packages for IETF RFC/I-D's
> too, and the situation seem to be more problematic.  I've put a list
> of packages in testing (as of a few days ago, my mirror is slow) that
> appear to contain IETF RFC or I-D's at:
> http://josefsson.org/bcp78broken/ietf-in-src.txt
> There are certainly false positives in that list (I know of some), and
> some have already been reported.  The regexp I used was:
>     -e rfc[0-9]+\.txt \
>     -e draft-.*[0-9][0-9]\.txt \
> But still, that's 73 source packages.
> I will try to go through them and report bugs, but I could use help in
> analysing the packages for false positives.  Perhaps a page on
> wiki.debian.org could be used to co-ordinate this.

I've created a wiki page to co-ordinate the effort, see:


In particular, I'd like help on improving the bug report template.

Unless it turns it is a bad idea to do so (thoughts welcome!), I'll
send the bug reports next weekend.

I've cc:ed debian-devel to reach a wider audience.


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