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Re: xv and xorg


You might want to check my xv packages at

They have the so-called 'jumbo patchset' applied and compile well with
gcc-4.0 (not tested with gcc-4.1 yet, but should compile, too). 

The packages were compiled before the xorg transition and do not install
because of a versioned conflict in xservers-common (the same conflict
that caused your old package to be deinstalled). So all you need to do
is download the source, add an epoch to the version in
'debian/copyright' (i.e. '1:3.10a-1duo+sarge1'); then dpkg-buildpackage.

BTW, if you have a look at the 'debian/copyright' file you will notice
that debian-unofficial.org is allowed to distribute those packages,
although the source code has been modified.

Please try them out!

Nice greetings,

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