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Re: Will IceWeasel be based on a fork or on vanilla FireFox?

Ottavio Caruso wrote:

> Lech Karol Paw³aszek wrote:
>> On Monday 16 October 2006 00:07, Jacobo Tarrio wrote:
> [cut]
>> >  The fact that GNU chose the name "Iceweasel" for their own fork
> of Firefox
>> > is extremely unfortunate :-(
>> Why it is unfortunate? 
> Because they'll want Debian to call it 'Gnu-Iceweasel' and they'll
> reprehend Debian for maintaining technically superior and stabler
> free software rather than just Free Software(TM).

Plus, they'll relicense all the documentation to GFDL and we'll have to
move it to non-free. ;-)

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