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Re: Question: mount /var/run as tmpfs

Le lundi 30 octobre 2006 à 15:02 +0700, Aleksey Midenkov a écrit :
> Hello all the Debian Community!
> It is possible to detect if kernel supports tmpfs and mount it 
> on /var/run, /var/lock, /var/tmp and maybe /tmp and may be other places. This 
> can be made in one of the appropriate debian packages and made configurable 
> through debconf. The package to fit this, I think, is initscripts.
> How do you think, would it be appreciated? Does it potentionally violates some 
> policy for the particular directory from what I mentioned? May be you will 
> suggest some other directores. I want to know because I want to do this.

/var/run is problematic because its subdirectories are expected to
survive across reboots. I haven't tried /var/lock but there is no reason
for tmpfs not to work for this one.

Using a tmpfs for /var/tmp would definitely violate the FHS as it must
survive across reboots.

As for /tmp, this is the primary intended use for tmpfs and I use it
whenever possible. I don't know if it's a good idea when there isn't
much memory, though.
Josselin Mouette                /\./\

"Do you have any more insane proposals for me?"

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