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support of aoe devices and aoetools package

Debian Developers,

I hope this is the right forum to express this idea.

I have not received any feedback from the maintainer of the aoetools package, 
so I wanted to voice my concerns over that package in front of a wider 
audience as I don't want to see the aoetools ship in the crappy form in which 
they now exist for Etch. I have sent many messages to bugs and received 
little to no correspondence from the maintainer.

First of all, the implementation aoetools include to enable mounting the aoe 
devices at boot time is severely lacking. This support was implemented in 
response to bug #387552 [1], which is now closed. They depend on a filesystem 
argument in fstab called _netdev, and they do not work with lvm (or any other 
dev mapper based system) at all as far as I can tell. I contributed a new 
init script [2] that attempts to address these shortcomings while removing 
the need for the special fstab option. I submitted this info to bug #387552, 
but have received no response yet. I was tempted to reopen the bug, but I 
didn't think that'd be proper. I have also CCed the maintainer on all 
mailings to make sure that he got it.

I am basically writing here to see what I can do to at least get someone to 
look over the idea presented in the script to see if they think it would be a 
good idea. It is also frustrating to not receive any response when I clearly 
have a personal stake in this matter (that being that I have to support aoe 
based hardware).



Warren Turkal, Research Associate III/Systems Administrator
Colorado State University, Dept. of Atmospheric Science

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