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Re: Packages up for adoption

* Steve Kemp (skx@debian.org) :
>   I've recently orphaned all my packages whilst being on a 
>  bit of hiatus from project work.
>   Several packages are still unclaimed, although people have
>  offered on some of them.  Please take a look at the list if
>  you're interested:
>    * libcgi-session-expiresessions-perl[O]
As a member of the Debian Perl Group, I suggest that we adopt that one.

If nobody disagrees, I'm going to adopt the package for the Perl


Alexis Sukrieh
    0x1EE5DD34                                    sukria@debian.org
The real glory of maintainership isn't making the big and important
decisions. The real glory lies in all the small stuff that doesn't
really matter, and that people will just argue forever.
                                                  -- Linus Torvalds

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