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Re: Will IceWeasel be based on a fork or on vanilla FireFox?

El lunes, 16 de octubre de 2006 a las 00:22:53 +0200, Lech Karol Paw?aszek escribía:

> >  The fact that GNU chose the name "Iceweasel" for their own fork of Firefox
> > is extremely unfortunate :-(
> Why it is unfortunate? Mozilla Corporation doesn't want (Debian) to use 
> firefox name without the artwork. And Debian can't distribute the artwork 
> since it is DFSG-nonfree.

 Because now we have two "iceweasels" that are, in fact, not the same thing.
Plus, one could say that as someone in Debian came up with the name, then we
have priority over it.

 Hey, we can register it as a trade mark!

   Jacobo Tarrío     |     http://jacobo.tarrio.org/

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