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Uploading openssh NMU for SELinux updates as per release policy


        Three days ago, I sent in a patch in Bug#394795 which updated
 SELinux patches to bring 'em in line with currently released  SELinux
 code in Debian.  I updated that patch [0], and the binaries were
 vetted by the debian installer folks, and ack'd. I have been running
 the patched openssh binaries for over a week, and they ahve been
 available for down load for the last three days or so.

        I am planning on uploading this package to the 1 day delayed
 queue,  just in case, though it qualifies for the 0 day NMU. The
 changes are the patch in the mail below, followed by autoreconf
 (autoreconf was not run before generating the patch so as to not
 drown out relevant changes in atoconf noise).


[0] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi/openssh-selinux.patch?bug=394795;msg=10;att=1
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