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전문번역/통역서비스 2.2.18: loops_per_sec missing Archive timestamps Autobuilder log pages buffers don't shrink Bug#79302 (problems with apache-ssl on Alpha) Re: Bug#79302: problems with apache-ssl on Alpha) byteswap.h: Un 64bit ism clock skew detected, not really? connecting the continuing adventures of XFree86 4.0.1 date Fwd: desk-guide applet does not display window contents client ? Even more hdparm weirdness ! ext3? getting ESS solo1 sound to work Going round in circles [Installation] install 2.2r2 from floppies, wrong disk! Is the Alphastation 600 an ALCOR system Japhar Kernel configuration questions Keyboard timeout problem Re: Keyboard timeout problem -- SOLVED A list of RAM modules supported on SX ? mozilla works, almost... Netscape new installation on a500 (miata) OT: AlphaNT stuff partition problems... Pb installation AlphaServer 1000 / Floppy please look at bug 69676 possible glibc bug? pre-release 4.0.1-10 packages available for building Qt2.2/KDE test packages available Revival of the port specific -changes lists RTL8139-based network card: Kernel panic RTL8139 on LX164: Solved !! ruffian ether problems scsi problem, help! segfault during profiling stripping X server modules on Alpha makes them unusable tftpboot.img on UDB Tru64 shlibs & Netscape unaligned traps Unidentified subject! WARING: hdparm weirdness. Re: WARNING: hdparm weirdness. Weird hdparm problem Weird IRQ assignment for sound What hardware? What is Debian GNU/Linux like on an Alpha? Whats wrong whith x on woody? X has vanished from archive! xpdf problems Re: [Xpert] stripping X server modules on Alpha makes them unusable xserver-3dlabs The last update was on 14:29 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 165 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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