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Re: Kernel configuration questions

On 8 Dec 2000, Gustaf Erikson wrote:

> Rich Payne <rdp@talisman.alphalinux.org> writes:
> > What type of graphics card is in this machine? The first kernel might not
> > have hung, but rather was booting nicely but you couldn't see it's output
> > doe to the fact you didn't have TGA frame buffer support installed in the
> > kernel.
> > 
> > I would guess the debian one failed as debian has changed the default root
> > flags for that kernel (Chris ?) that's a guess.
> > 
> > --rdp
> > 
> I have a ZLXp-E3, 24 planes, 16MB memory. 

Yup, that's a TGA card.
> I saw the framebuffer option, but left it alone -- I thought that VGA
> was "standard". However, I know see that one should
>   Say Y here and to the driver for your graphics board below if you
>   are compiling a kernel for a non-x86 architecture.

Well, sort of.....if you don't have a standard PC VGA card present.

> according to the help in "config".
> I have a boot floppy for the old kernel, so I'll try again...
> Thanks.


Rich Payne
rpayne@alphalinux.org			www.alphalinux.org

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