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Re: scsi problem, help!


> Anyone know why moving a disk from one Alpha to another would result
> in parity errors?=20
> I moved an SCA drive (with SCA->SCSI adaptor) from an AS200 to a
> 164UX. The drive in the UX fails with a LOT of parity errors, yet it
> works fine in the AS200. I've tried different cables, different IDs,
> lettting it be the ONLY drive on the chain, a different adaptor but it
> makes no difference. Putting it back in the AS200 and it works fine
> again (I'm typing this on it...)

Which driver are you using for the SCSI chip ( assuming, you use the on-board chip
on the UX ) ?
There are some subtle specialities with the various Symbios/NCR chipsets along with
the bunch of drivers supporting them in the Linux-kernel.

Also, which SCSI-options do you set ( in the driver or via bootflags ) ?

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