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Re: ruffian ether problems

Ron Farrer (rbf@farrer.net) wrote:

> tulip && de4x5. tulip with "debug=9 options=12" (also options=9),
> de4x5 with (args='eth0:autosense:TP')

I forgot to include the errors (doh!)
With 'insmod -v tulip debug=9 options=12' I get:
Dec 13 08:18:51 dravana kernel: eth0: 21143 negotiation status 000021c6, 10baseT.
Dec 13 08:18:53 dravana kernel: eth0: 21140 transmit timed out, status f0260000, SIA 000021c6 ffff0001 fff8ffff 8ff50008, resetting...

this repeats every few minutes.

with 'insmod -v de4x5 args='eth0:autosense=TP' I only get it being
loaded (no errors) because I don't know what the debug option is for
de4x5 driver... however it DOES light the "link integrity" light on
the hub (which is should) with this driver.


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