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Re: please look at bug 69676

On Wed 13 Dec 2000, Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:

> Hi, I recently took over the util-linux package.  I am trying to clean up its
> bug list.  Bug 69676 does not occur on my x86 box, the submitter says it may be
> an alpha issue.  Would you please look?

Argh, my cdrom drive on my alpha seems to have expired. All I get
are "Medium Error" and "Additional sense indicates Unable to recover
table-of-contents". Anyone want a nice Toshiba XM-5401TA ? :-)

Anyway, this sounds more like a kernel issue than a mount issue;
at the most it might be a bug in eject (which isn't in util-linux).
After all, the kernel notes that the device is in use, and should
prevent the umount (and the opening of the door).

Besides, util-linux in potato is 2.10f-5.1, not 1.18-3, right?
Or was it upgraded in 2.2r2 ?

Paul Slootman
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