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Re: What hardware?

On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, Craig Small wrote:

> OK thanks for that. Two people say 256 MB so that must be right :)
> So the HCL is right and the front main screen is wrong.

Just a note, if 256MB DIMMs are ok in an SX, then the motherboard manual
is incorrect as well :-) (claims 32-512MB)  It wouldn't surprise me if
the board could handle 1GB, though, despite the manual :-P

> SRM? (checks website), oh like the (ahem) "go prompt" or forth monitor
> elsewhere.  I assume the significance of this is for network booting
> only? If SRM doesn't know about a, say, 3C905-B, then it cannot network
> boot but when Linux starts up all is well?

Yes, that's correct.  If you don't need to netboot, then having a card
that SRM can use becomes unimportant (I've got two NetGear Lite-On-based
boards in mine that I don't care if SRM knows how to use since I don't

> BTW, I was going to look at the ALO database but there is something
> *VERY* unhappy on your webserver. I can connect to port 80 but I get
> no reply from a HTTP request. This is talisman of course.

Try it again...I just pulled up the ALOHcl page on my machine.


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