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Re: new installation on a500 (miata)

> is there a way to automate these steps ? first the boot in the prompt
> than the aboot ?

There are four variables that you want to play with:

bootdef_dev - Default boot device
>>>set bootdef_dev dkc0

boot_file - The kernel to load, we can leave this empty and let aboot
handle that....

boot_flags - Flags that get passed to aboot/kernel
>>>set boot_flags 0

now all you have to type is 'b' to boot the machine, if you wish to take
it one step futher:

auto_action  - What does SRM do when you power on the machines?

>>>set auto_action boot

this will auto boot the machine using the above variables at power on.

If you do this, make sure you know where the halt button is to interupt
it if you ever want to make changes!


Rich Payne
rpayne@alphalinux.org			www.alphalinux.org

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