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Re: xserver-3dlabs

"Bruno Waes" <bruno.waes@oxygenetic.com> writes:

> but when i check the versions of my X packages i get this
> alpha:~# dpkg -l 'xserver*' |grep ^.i
> ii  xserver-3dlabs 3.3.6-11potato X server for 3DLabs GLINT and
> Permedia-based
> ii  xserver-common 4.0.1-10       files and utilities common to all X
> servers
> ii  xserver-vga16  3.3.6-11potato X server for VGA graphics cards
> so, mixed up versions ???
> am i in the middle of an upgrade or what did i do wrong upgrading ?

You need to upgrade the X server explicitely, apt-get dist-upgrade
won't do it. But I would suggest to be *very* carefully with trying
the v4 3dlabs server; for me, it has crashed the kernel twice made the
console unusable once and came up withe a totally garbled screen once
so far.


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