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RTL8139-based network card: Kernel panic


Santa Claus ;-)) just brought me a Longshine Fast Ethernet card with a
I'm using kernel 2.2.17 on an 164LX and tried both version 1.07 and 1.12
of the rtl8139 driver (the latter from scyld.com).

The card ist detected and I can set up the interface, but when network
traffic appaers (a SMB request from my parents' Windows95 pc - same network
card) I get a hard lockup with the following error:

Kernel panic: skput:over: fffffe00008149a:-4 put:-4
In swapper task - not syncing

At that point the kernel is really "dead", Alt-SysRq doesn't work and
gives even more errors.

Has anybody (hopefully positive) experience with the 8139-chipset
(especially in an LX-board) ??
Any solutions to my problem ??

Marius Hillenbrand
living a RISCy life

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