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the continuing adventures of XFree86 4.0.1

[Please follow-up to debian-x if you want me to see it.]

4.0.1-10 is in the archive for i386, sparc, and powerpc.  John Goerzen is
building for alpha.  Compiles for m68k and arm are still needed.

A prerelease of -11, based on the new upstream beta 4.0.1h, is available at
the X Strike Force repository.  Alpha, ARM, and m68k folks should grab
these sources, build, and let me know what changes need to be made to the
debian/*.$(ARCH) files.  The changelog summarizes what changed on i386.

Testers of the pre11 packages are also requested.  i386 is available now;
sparc and powerpc are forthcoming.  Thanks to changes upstream, it is
possible that xfs and startx behave differently or are broken.

Here's the carrot: S3 Savage users should try these out; there is now a
driver for your cards.

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