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Re: What hardware?

On Wed, 20 Dec 2000, Craig Small wrote:

> G'day All,
>   I'll soon finally get my Alpha PC 164SX up and going, but dfirst I
> have to go shopping.  I'm a bit confused about the memory.  I have 4
> memory slots, but some websites you can have up to 128 Meg modules 
> and others say 256 Meg modules.  I believe in any case that PC100 memory
> is fine.
> So is it 128 or 256?

It will take up to 256MB DIMMS. The SX maxes at 1Gig of memory, which is
256x4. I'm currently running with 2 256 DIMMs so I know this will
work. One small note is that the SX does not require ECC memory like the
other (PC164, LX etc...) thought it will work fine with it.
> Looking on the DEC site, there seems to be a low number of things
> that are compatible. Is this DEC being slack or is there really a
> harsh limit on what you can run.  I'm particulary interested in what
> ethernet cards work.

Well, for what purpose? The list of cards that SRM will work with is
pretty small...DE500 (Tulip) and some clones, and if you get a recent SRM,
Intel EEpro100 cards (WARNING: update the linux kernel driver for this as
the current driver has many issues!). If you don't care about SRM being
able to use the card, then the choice is much greater. I can say that the
3Com series (3C905-B,C-TX etc...) do work fairly well.


Rich Payne
rpayne@alphalinux.org			www.alphalinux.org

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