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Re: ruffian ether problems

On Tue, 12 Dec 2000, T. Weyergraf wrote:

> Regarding your problem with the Ruffian build-in ethernet, I seem to recall it failed
> due to some checklsum errors.
> If that is true, you might want to look at Alan's latest 2.2.18. In the changelog, it claims
> in the Alpha section:
>      Fixed a problem where csum_partial_copy could cause spurious EFAULT returns 
> The routine mentioned is ( in part ) responsible for the IP checksumming.
> More as a wild guess, then an educated recommendation, I would probably try 2.2.18.
> just *maybe*, it addresses your problem.

I just caught this change as well while looking through the 2.2.18
source.  Ron, it's worth a shot :-)  Looks like there's much improvement
in 2.2.18 (although he still didn't apply my stupid Configure.help patch
:-( grrr).


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