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Re: What is Debian GNU/Linux like on an Alpha?

Ron Farrer wrote:
> > Compiling:  My understanding is that the compiler released by Digital
> > for use with Linux does a much better job of compiling than the standard
> > GCC compiler - resulting in much faster code.  Are the binaries compiled
> > for the Debian Alpha distribution made using the Digital compiler, or GCC?
> CCC (Compaq C Compiler) does do a better job at most things vs
> GCC. Packages are made using GCC. CCC is non-free (but still very cool).
I noted the restrictions on CCC making it a non-free compiler.  Any
chance that Compaq may free the compiler someday?  It seems to me that
such a move could only help sell more Alpha hardware.

> I use mine for this daily, I couldn't imagine doing it on another
> platform... Although for Netscape (pre6.0 stuff) you have to use the
> Tru64 UNIX bins + libs. Which is non-free, but works great! (see my
> old, old, old articles on alphalinux.org)
Thanks.  Saint Mozilla 1.0, please come soon and save us!


Luke Seubert

"Government is the only business uniquely authorized the use of deadly
force to sell it's product."

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