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Re: Netscape

Rob Byrnes wrote:

> Well, after adding search <local IP> to the /etc/resolv.conf file, I'm happy
> to say that Netscape now works.

Well, THANKS for the info. This solved the mysterious Netscape DNS
problem for me, too.

However, Netscape seems quite unstable and may occasionally either kill
itself or, worse, kill the whole X session (I think it kills the X
server, because the behavior is similar to pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace;
XDM merrily greets me with a new login screen.)

I downloaded Netscape from Compaq (in RPM format,
netscape-4.7-3.alpha.rpm) and used alien (with default options) to make
a deb package. 

The system is a 166 MHz UDB (noname) with 128 MB RAM and enough disk
space. I am running plain vanilla potato with kernel 2.2.17.
The X server is xserver-tga 3.3.6-11potato and the window manager is
fvwm 2.2.4-2.

Almost everything on the system comes from the stable potato
distribution; the only exceptions are Netscape and ssh2 (2.0.13-5.1),
the latter grabbed from woody non-US. Being affiliated with
SSH Communications Security Corp, I will never downgrade to OpenSSH...
(I should, however, take the time to debianize a newer version of ssh2.
Release 2.4.0 is going to ship this week.)

This may be a more generic X problem (not limited to Netscape) because 
I can also witness the following weird behavior:
i) The first X session after reboot always fails. (XDM accepts login,
but the X server is restarted within a few seconds.)
ii) Even running Netscape from a remote Unix machine (over a SSH
tunneled X session) causes a X server restart.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to isolate/debug the
problem. I am generally familiar with Unix, but quite new to
Debian/Alpha from the sysadmin's point of view.


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