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Re: please look at bug 69676

On Wed 13 Dec 2000, Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> this is an old bug.  Note he says it also happens on RH if I recall.

He says it does _not_ happen on RH, hence it might be a debian-specific
thing (his words :-)

> Talking to some people in irc, we believe it is actually a firmware issue with
> his drive.  apparently some of them would allow ejects even if the device is
> busy.

But IMHO eject only attempts to eject if the umount succeeds. The
"device busy" message comes not from eject trying to eject a mounted
cdrom, it comes from trying to umount an in-use filesystem. I think.
I believe that before eject tried to umount by itself, eject would
simply silently fail to do anything. However, that's a long time ago.
Perhaps I'm completely confused :-)

> will mail him again, asking for more info, maybe a strace.

That would be useful. Make sure he's using the current version (the 2.x
one) to prevent any confusion.

Paul Slootman
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