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Re: unaligned traps

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Luke Shulenburger wrote:

> Thanks,
> I have some fortran code that I need to run that gets good performance, 
> but generates unalligned traps (I'm not even coming close to directly
> accessing the memory, so I have no idea how to fix them)  I don't mind
> just ignoring them, but last time I tried to run the program, I filled 
> up the remaining 2Gb on my harddisk with syslog telling me about all
> of the unaligned traps.  Thanks for the help.

I have a binary that'll help you find those unaligned traps, if you want
it.  It's in the archives as well (search for 'unaligned.c').  All that
you do to run it is:

~ > unaligned foo

It will run and when it runs into an unaligned access, it will fire up gdb
and put you at the problematic point :-)


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