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Re: Kernel configuration questions

On Fri, 8 Dec 2000, Rich Payne wrote:

> What type of graphics card is in this machine? The first kernel might not
> have hung, but rather was booting nicely but you couldn't see it's output
> doe to the fact you didn't have TGA frame buffer support installed in the
> kernel.
> I would guess the debian one failed as debian has changed the default root
> flags for that kernel (Chris ?) that's a guess.

Nope, it's the TGA for sure.  I ran into this problem on my UDB awhile ago
(when TGA fb support was first added to the kernel).  With TGAs, you need
to enable that fb support or else you will get no console access (the
system should still be pingable and will work, but you will get no console
messages at all after the Loading line).


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