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Re: [Xpert] stripping X server modules on Alpha makes them unusable

On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, Branden Robinson wrote:

> Stuart may not be familiar with the vagaries of Debian packaging.
> I build with debugging symbols enabled, but Debian Policy insists that they
> be stripped out when the package is generated.
> My completely uneducated guess is that something in module loader "knows"
> that debugging symbols are enabled and depends on this, so that when later
> this same code is run stripped, it becomes confused?

  Just as a note...

  I don't know how other rpm based distributions did it, but in the rpms
I built, what I did was this:

%define __os_install_post %{___build_post}

in the top of the spec file, so that rpm post scripts will not insist in
strip everything.

and added this to the bottom of the %install

(set +x; strip %{buildroot}%{prefix}/bin/* || :)
(set +x; strip %{buildroot}%{prefix}/lib/lib*.so* || :)

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