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Re: What is Debian GNU/Linux like on an Alpha?

"James D. Freels" wrote:
> >Desktop practicality: Since this would be a home computer, the Debian
> >Alpha system would mostly be used for web browsing, email, word
> >processing, playing CDs, etc.  No game playing though.  While I know
> >that Alphas are superb scientific and engineering workstations, how well
> >do they manage in this sort of home user role?
> Should do fine.  However, you will not see a great deal of speed
> increase over an i386 until you use it for crunching numbers; lots of
> them.

Well, eventually I would like to donate this machine to my local
astronomy club.  We have an observatory out at Nanjemoy Creek in
Maryland, and need some serious number crunching power for analyzing CCD
images from our telescope.  AIPS++ and such.  But the machine would
still be used to browse the web, download astronomy information, etc.


Luke Seubert

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