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Re: please look at bug 69676

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry (shaleh@valinux.com) wrote:

> Hi, I recently took over the util-linux package.  I am trying to clean up its
> bug list.  Bug 69676 does not occur on my x86 box, the submitter says it may be
> an alpha issue.  Would you please look?

I am unable to reproduce this. If the device is busy I get the proper
message. If it's mounted but not in use it properly unmounts it and
ejects it. System is latest potato on Alpha. I'd contact the person
who submitted the bug and ask if the latest potato revision fixes this
or not.

$ uname -a
Linux dravana 2.2.18 #1 Tue Dec 12 12:21:36 PST 2000 alpha unknown

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