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Re: [Xpert] stripping X server modules on Alpha makes them unusable

On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, Stuart Anderson wrote:

> This loader is different from the libc loader in that it operates on the
> symbols that are used when linking an object (and are the ones that get
> stripped). This differ from the .so libraries that the libc loader uses. They
> have a .dynsym section which is still there even if the object gets stripped.

Ok, that'll help me track it down.  There is a problem with objcopy/strip
that I'm trying to track down (I'm the binutils maintainer for Debian,
incidentally), so that may be involved as well.

> What is the error message when it chokes?

I'll dig out an old log and forward it to the list.  I don't have the
message handy right now and am running too many package builds to start X
right now.

> It is still puzzleing why it does something different on Alpha vs others.
> Maybe someone could run  objdump --headers on Alpha & x86 versions of the
> same modules so we can see if there are any interesting differences.

Will do...now that I have an x86 around here, it'll be easy to compare...


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