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new installation on a500 (miata)

First of all i want to thank M$ for discontinuing their OS support for
alpha, cos of that i got buy a second hand 'personal workstation a500',
256mb ram and 2x 9gb hd.

I installed debian before on i396 and on sparc but now i have some problems
understanding this alpha system ...

i got it booting the potato alpha cdrom i made ..
    boot dkb0  (which is a toshiba cdrom drive listed in 'show dev')

then i get some scrolling and 'jumping to bootstrapcode' and then exiting
    aboot: could not find default config 'a'
and then aboot and a aboot prompt, after retrieving the list 'l' i i just
hit '0' and it booted from cdrom, ...

when partitioning the hd i leave /sdb for what it is (will be used as
fileserver partition later on)

with a bsd disk label
i create two partitions
a: 2 - 480 ext2
b: 481 - 521 swap

i choose to make linux bootable from disk on /dev/sda1 with aboot

then i reboot and i get the >>> prompt,

i type

boot dkc0 (if i remember correctly, the first hd in 'show dev')
and i get the aboot prompt

there i type '0' to boot the first option

is there a way to automate these steps ? first the boot in the prompt
than the aboot ?


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