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Re: Whats wrong whith x on woody?

On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, Daniel Ernhil wrote:

> Hello! 
> please excuse  my bad English.

No problem!

> I have some strange problems with x (version 4.0.1f)
> Every time  one scrolls or moves a window, lots of short horisental lines
> start flicker all over the screen. Does some one knows why this happens.
> the hardware which this is happing on is a Ruffian with 128Megs and a 
> "Diamond fire 1000 glpro" (or some thing like it) with 8 Megs of RAM.

Hmmm..dunno...can you send me the log file?  Oh, also, if you'd like, I
just compiled the pre-10 version of the X packages and have made them
available at:

There are a few 64-bit fixes as well as a more updated CVS version than -8
(the version currently in the woody archive).

If you try them, let me know if it exhibits the same problem.  Oh, also, a
screenshot would help, if you could manage to get one showing the problem.


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