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Re: Netscape

In article <200012182050.eBIKo3Y28204@sirppi.helsinki.fi>
Topi.Junkkari@iki.fi writes:

>> The system is a 166 MHz UDB (noname) with 128 MB RAM and enough disk
>> space. I am running plain vanilla potato with kernel 2.2.17.
>> The X server is xserver-tga 3.3.6-11potato and the window manager is
>> fvwm 2.2.4-2.

I think 2.2.17 kernel needs a patch to use with EV4 processors.
I don't have the patch now, but it was located around trap.c's 420 line.
The emulation on the original kernel for the floating execption 
causes infinit loop. And result in a hang up.

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