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Qt2.2/KDE test packages available

Hi all :-)

Well, I broke down and installed an old egcs version on my machine and
started compiling KDE and Qt-based packages with it.  I'm going to be
uploading them to people.debian.org as I finish them and will try to keep
them current.

I'm holding off on uploading them to master, though, since they cannot be
built without going through some extraordinary steps and installing a
secondary (not available as a Debian package) compiler nor should apps
compiled with gcc 2.95.2 be linked against them (else, the dreaded
segfault may reappear).  Once we either update the compiler in Debian or I
manage to fix it with a backported patch, I'll upload fresh recompiles of
all Qt and KDE packages available.

In the meantime, though, I didn't want to alienate any users by not
offering them for general use (albeit unofficial).  So, if anyone wants to
keep up with the packages for woody, I've made the packages
apt'able.  Just add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://people.debian.org/%7Echris/ woody/$(ARCH)/

And update your apt cache (apt-get update).  From then on, the packages
will be available via apt on your systems :-)  Unfortunately, I cannot
spare the drive space to do the same for potato right now (sorry to all
potato folks), but I will try to scavenge hardware eventually to rectify

Thanks!  And, if you run into any bugs, please DON'T file a bug report
since these packages are unofficial.  Unfortunately, I don't know jack
about Qt or KDE, so I may not be of much help either, but I'll try if the
problem is severe enough :-(


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