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Re: scsi problem, help!

T. Weyergraf (kirk@colinet.de) wrote:

> Which driver are you using for the SCSI chip ( assuming, you use the on-board chip
> on the UX ) ?
> There are some subtle specialities with the various Symbios/NCR chipsets along with
> the bunch of drivers supporting them in the Linux-kernel.
> Also, which SCSI-options do you set ( in the driver or via bootflags ) ?

Hi kirk!

I'm pretty sure it is a NCR53c875 driver.. I had made some potato boot
disks but they don't work. :-( milo says it can't read the
partition.. so I used a slink CD (old, I know) and booted like so:

boot scd0:boot/ruffian/linux. root=/dev/scd0 

This is using the potato milo. It doesn't matter if I use scd0, fd0,
or sda8 as the root partition, no change.

The thing that really bugs me is ARCS BIOS won't show the contents of
the MSDOS filesystem on the disk... it's possible that I accidently
use something like FAT12 on it instead of FAT16 (I know ARCS is even
more picky then ARC about the FS).


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