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Re: ruffian ether problems

Goswin Brederlow (goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de) wrote:

> Build the driver as module and then rmmod/insmod it and ping about 60
> pings. If that doesn't work, start again.
> Normaly it works after a few pings after reloading the module.

Which driver: tulip, old_tulip, or de4x5?

> Also changing the hub/switch/nic connected to it can work wonders. It
> seems that with some hardware it doesn't work at all, some detect the
> wrong mode, some just work fine.

I have tried two different hubs and two different cables. It doesn't
light the "link activity" on the hub, so it's not getting that far... :(

> For example, my Ruffian doesn't work on a Fiberline 100/10 Switch most
> of the time but works fine with a Level One 10 MBit Hub.

Hmm... well if all fails, I might see if I can borrow a 100BastTX hub
and see if that helps...


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