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Re: [Xpert] stripping X server modules on Alpha makes them unusable

On Thu, Dec 07, 2000 at 01:25:40PM -0500, Stuart Anderson wrote:
> Where is dh_strip invoked? I don't see it in the XFree86 config files, so
> I'll assume it is run as part of te packagin process.

Yes.  It is run as part of the debian/rules makefile, which wraps the
XFree86 make World and make install rules.

> Can it be told to removing debugging section, but leave the regular
> symbols alone, or does the policy require that all symbols be removed?

Here's the relevant quote.

Note that by default all installed binaries should be stripped, either by
using the -s flag to install, or by calling strip on the binaries after
they have been copied into debian/tmp but before the tree is made into a

We know how to turn off stripping for Alpha, that's not the problem.  The
problem is why the loader is choking on stripped modules.  We don't know.

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