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Re: scsi problem, help!


> > I moved an SCA drive (with SCA->SCSI adaptor) from an AS200 to a
> > 164UX. The drive in the UX fails with a LOT of parity errors, yet it
> > works fine in the AS200. I've tried different cables, different IDs,
> > lettting it be the ONLY drive on the chain, a different adaptor but it
> > makes no difference. Putting it back in the AS200 and it works fine
> > again (I'm typing this on it...)

> boot sdb5:boot/vmlinux-2.2.17.gz ncr53c8xx=3Dtags:0,fsn:n,wide:0
> root=3D/dev/sda8 
> After doing that, all is well.

IIRC, all SCA drives are wide-scsi parts. Although I don;t know the nature of
the UX-scsi implementation and the layout of your SCA-SCSI adaptor, I would assume,
it moves to narrow. Depending on your device-count on the scsi-bus and the
nature of the other devices, putting fsn:n in place might result in a fairly significant
performance penalty. Given the fact, that you didn't apparently change any on the
adapter's parity settings, I would try to use 'wide:0" as the only switch being passed
to the NCR driver. If that works, *and* if your NCR bus is wide-capable, you might
solve that problem without any parameters, by replacing the SCA-adaptor with a 
part that does SCA->wide-scsi.

Of course, without knowing the UX and your exact hardware-setup, this is just a wild guess.
As always, YMMV ;-)

 > A HUGE thanks to Kirk <kirk@colinet.de>

taken 8-)

> Ron


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