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aboot question Alpha 1000 4/233 Server install problems. Alpha does't boot alpha porting and errors Archive strangeness AS255 and sound Better (release) coordination on the Alpha port Booting Alpha from a CD BSD+linux-alpha cdrecord 1.8a deb for mysql-3.22.x on glibc2 Debugging C++ with GDB dpkg-shlibdeps thinks there is a libc6 Ethernet card not working Ethernet not working Faure.. Re: gcc STILL broken Gdm ... Re: glibc6.0 -> glibc6.1, also IDE controllers glibc6.0 -> glibc6.1 - the story continues GnomeICU & update menu IDE disks and Multia/UDB IDE drives under debian-alpha installation problem when installing device driver modules Installing on Multia -- "Unable to open initial console" Install on AS300-4/266 Instructions for running DEC UNIX netscape on Linux KDE 1.1.1 debs KDE 1.1.1 debs updated kde debs for alpha Kernel 2.2 kernel-howto? Re: libc6.1-dev compile error libc problem during potato upgrade linux install on as200 lx164 installation issues memory performance -mieee problems mp3 problems Mylex DAC960PJ network card newbieQ: format a dos partition under linux for alpha new libc6.1 and nis New pcmcia-cs packages uploaded... Our Compiler Re: Our compiler PCMCIA modules uploaded also Please test: New TGA Framebuffer Driver Porting DIPC to Aplha Problem installing Slink on UDB/Multia Q: netscape comm 4.x for DEC Alpha RAM for AS255/300 Recompiles needed for Debian 2.1 seti@home seti@home alpha-linux version available small emergency snmp: does it work SUMMARY: Frontpage extensions on linux-alpha (fwd) systemQ: Hercues PCI Graphic-Card? Unstable, Multia, XF86_S3 video card installation Video card problems Weird KB Problem while installing debian-alpha on Highscreen Alpha PC X Xfree S3 Server The last update was on 14:28 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 153 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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