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New pcmcia-cs packages uploaded...

Hi all...

Well, I FINALLY got another version of the PCMCIA tools to compile and
work.  I've uploaded the tools and source debs today, but can't seem to
figure out how to generate a changes file for the modules (don't ask...),
so it may be a bit before I can upload that.  I'll keep plugging away on
that, though, since I have modules for 2.2.1, 2.2.5 and 2.2.7 already
compiled (only 2.2.1 is available from me right now, though, since I'm
hesitant to even reboot to another kernel right now).

Anyway, test it out and let me know.  Again, I have ZERO PCMCIA devices to
test this with, but the controller seems to work fine and the tools run
happily (the modules even insmod themselves nicely)....

Good luck :-)


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