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Re: alpha porting and errors

>>>>> "LNS" == Luke N Shulenburger <sluke@MIT.EDU> writes:

    LNS> Also, I am having some problems with running software that
    LNS> has been compiled withe -mieee flag, whenever I run mpg123,
    LNS> some other software (notably the seti@home client) crashes
    LNS> with Floating point exceptions.  Is this a consequence of
    LNS> using this flag, or does this indicate a problem with the
    LNS> applications that I am running.

  Hooeee - whoa. Confirm this, please. seti@home runs fine on it's
own, but if you run something compiled with -mieee in parallel,
seti@home crashes? Kernel version, please?


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