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SUMMARY: Frontpage extensions on linux-alpha (fwd)

Picked this up on the axp-list...figured it would be worth repeating...


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Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 10:43:44 +0000
From: Franco Tassone <franco@dns.rgn.it>
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To: Rich Payne <rdp@talisman.alphalinux.org>, axp-list@redhat.com
Subject: SUMMARY: Frontpage extensions on linux-alpha
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Here is the summary; before all, I want to state that :

- this is not an HOW-TO, but is almost an HOW-I-DID-IT
- this description is part of a build of an Apache Web server v. 1.3.4 with
  the following features/modules:

  Microsoft Fontpage Extensions

  My document doesn't cover the above mentioned, though I'm disposable to
  describe the entire build.

- my build was possibly the most conservative and non intrusive for the
  Microsoft Fontpage Extensions OSF/3.2, downloaded from www.rtr.com.

- I wish to thank the following persons, who care my efforts in this work:

  Ray Kiesbrink
  James Bremer
  Rich Payne
  Chris Price
  Ron Farrer

  My thought in particular goes to Rich Payne <rdp@talisman.alphalinux.org>,
  will hopefully report this document on www.alphalinux.org.

Now the build.
- an OSF/3.2 license (and we have it), two OSF libraries used here.
- operate as "root" (of course)

1 - I installed the followind OSF/3.2 required libraries:

    -rw-r--r--   1 root     root      1277952 Apr 24  1997 /usr/shlib/libc.so
    -rw-r--r--   1 root     root      1253376 Apr 24  1997 /usr/shlib/libm.so

2 - I builded the Apache 1.3.4 web server:

    cd apache_1.3.4

    patch -p0 < fp-patch-apache_1.3.3

    mv mod_frontpage.c src/modules/extra/mod_frontpage.c

    ./configure --add-module=src/modules/extra/mod_frontpage.c
--enable-module=most --enable-shared=max --disable-shared=frontpage


    make install

    cp src/modules/ssl/gcache /usr/local/apache/bin

3 - I declared necessary modules to load in httpd configuration file, except
    FrontPage Module, which is'nt a shared module

4 - I copied/renamed fp30.alpha.tar.gz (Microsoft FrontPage Extensions for OSF)

    cp fp30.alpha.tar.gz /usr/local/fp30.linux.tar.gz

5 - I copied the installation shell file

    cp fp_install.sh /usr/local

6 - I started the script and installed my root web only

    cd /usr/local


    Didn't care the message saying that root web wouldn't work until partition
    is mounted SUID.

7 - I recompiled/substituted fpexe

    cd /usr/local/frontpage/currentversion/apache-fp

    mv _vti_bin/fpexe _vti_bin/fpexe.orig

    gcc -Dbsdi fpexe.c -o _vti_bin/fpexe

    chmod u+s _vti_bin/fpexe

Last suggestion: put the following in httpd configuration file, for each
directory involved in web serving (root webs, virtual webs...)

<Directory /dir/tothisweb/site>
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes ExecCGI
    AllowOverride All
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

This worked for me, on my alphalinux test box (AlphaStation 200 4/166, 48Mb
RAM, 4Gb H.D., RedHat 5.2, Kernel 2.6).

 Franco Tassone                       Tel: +39-085-4510954
 RGNetWork Internet Service Provider  Fax: +39-085-64070
 Via G. D'Annunzio, 162               e-mail: admin@rgn.it
 65127 PESCARA (ITALY)                URL: http://www.rgn.it

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