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Re: Ethernet not working

On Fri, 21 May 1999, George A. Dowding wrote:

> This is probably a stupid question. (How many times have you heard
> that before?)  I have a new computer with a PC164LX motherboard that
> came with Red Hat preinstalled.  I want to switch to Debian as soon as 
> possible, but I want to make sure the ethernet card works properly first.
> It is a Kingston KNE 100 TX.  During the boot procedure I get the following 
> messages:
> eth0: UNKNOWN at 0x9000 (PCI bus 0, device 5), h/w address ........
> eth0: Cannot find correct chipset for SROM decoding!
> The file /etc/conf.modules contains the following line.  (I put it in.)
> alias eth0 tulip

My roommate has a KDE 1[10]0 TX, which has a tulip *clone* (PNIC or something)
on it.  It took several driver/kernel combinations to get the thing working. 
If you're using 2.0.36 you might need to upgrade your kernel to 2.2.x (yeah
I know that's a cheap answer).


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