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mp3 problems


I am using slink with a 2.2.8 kernel on a PC164LX.  I recently decided that I wanted to use this machine to play mp3's, so I got a soundcard and installed OSS and got things rolling.  I was able to use dselect to install mpg123 and play mp3's fine like that, but whenever I tried to use gmp3 I get no sound whatsoever.  I looked at gmp3's documentation and found that it is a frontend for mpg123 so I maked sure that worked correctly, but now I'm at a dead end.  I am getting no error messages from gmp3 and only after hitting play twenty or thirty times will the counter even run on the gui.  Unfortunantly even when this happens I am getting no sound.  Can anyone point me in the right direction? Am I using the wrong mp3 player?

Luke Shulenburger

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