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small emergency

	I know this is the wrong forum for this type of thing, but I'm in
a bit of a bind and I thought someone here might be able to help.
	I've been running an DEC Alpha AS200 4/100 (Avanti) system for
about a year, and yesterday after attempting to add memory, the system
refused to boot.  After speaking with DEC support, we determinied the
motherboard may have gone bad.  I was referred to a couple of local
companys that service Alphas, but neither company could do anything more
than ship the machine out to a service center, order a new motherboard and
see if that resolves the problem.  Minimum turnaround of a week.
	To keep the cost of this manageable, and to get this machine back
up in a reasonable ammount of time, does anyone know of a good place in
the SF Bay area who might carry new or used a motherboard that can get
this system back up?
	Please reply to me directly, as the system I normally get this
mailing list on is down.
						Robert Stone

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